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You hear already the story behind the Yellow Man, but do you think you're the 1st to touch the Iphone 4S that is going to launch in Malaysia on the 16 December???

Think again!!! Coz we, #DGInsideJob were given the opportunity around 11 AM in the morning including Obefiend from Blogserius who were there under Amanz.my to uncover the Iphone 4S before it is officially launched in Malaysia and delivery it to them at their doorstep specially done only by DiGi. 

We uncover, unboxed it, play with it and test the SIRI for about 15 minutes and here are the results
Iphone 4S DiGi comes with a Privilege Card
Iphone 4S front box
So, any of you already bought it from DiGi??? Or you bought it from other telcos???

But seriously, just buy it from DiGi, more cheaper with affordable price compared to other telcos. Although this is my 1st time touching and playing with Iphone 4S, this is my answer to what i feel about it, Iphone 4S by DiGi
Before i move on to unboxing the Iphone 4S, let us see the plan that makes DiGi plan is the better choice for owning an Iphone 4S

Iphone 4S Specs

There is 3 plan to choose as above when subscribing with DiGi. and 3 model with device price excluding the retail ringgit price when subscribing with DiGi.

So what do you get when subscribing with DG??? Great savings for the customers
What about if we compare the price with the other telcos been offering??? Is DiGi still worth subscribing???
Although when compare to others telco on savings, still, the total cost of ownership for Iphone 4S is more cheaper than what other telcos offering.

So what your choice after seeing it???

Now, let us unboxed the Iphone4S and discover behind the plastic cover of the box titled Iphone 4S
The front and back of Iphone 4S

Side view of Iphone 4S
Sim card holder for Iphone 4S
 Actually, there is a special pin to open the sim card holder and is included in the box

Up view of Iphone 4S
So, did you see any difference in Iphone 4S compare to Iphone 4??? Just a little bit changes in the software, SIRI and the design on the side.

Now let us see what DiGizens a.k.a DiGi staff got to say about Iphone 4S and its differential

U heard what the DiGizens has to said about Iphone 4S,

Now let see how Iphone 4S works with the SIRI testing by Azham

Iphone 4S can also be setup using ITunes for those ITunes users

SIRI setup, if i'm not mistaken, there is a male voice if you choose English (United Kingdom)

After testing using our Manglish (Malay english) language, it seems that SIRI still can fully understand our slang and according to DiGizens, they still developing on synchronising with Malaysians (Correct me if i'm wrong).

For those still wanna buy the Iphone 4S in Malaysia, think again, better wait for Iphone 5 coz there is not much you can do with Iphone 4S. And i'm sure, Iphone 5 will be much better than this.

Thank you DiGi for giving us, the #DGInsideJob the chance to test 1st hand using Iphone 4S and come to the launching day on the night of 15 December 2011 to witness the 1st customer buying it. And it was a wonderful night as celebrities bloggers and youtubers such as Budiey.com, Maria Elena and Hanis Zalikha were there to attend the launching day.

And it was my 1st time in my life attending a launching day for Iphone 4S until around 2 AM in the morning.


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