This Is What We Call Practicalling or L.I (Latihan Industri)

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Its been a long time since i wrote in this blog.. Well, to begin with.. Exactly on 27th of April 2009, was my 1st day of Latihan Industri and my first time working as a worker other than works as research assistant at USM..

It's around 4 o'clock and above if i'm not mistaken as i was so sleepy the night before and fall asleep early.. Waa.. Xremaja gitu tido awal.. Hehehe.. Actually, my shirt and pants not yet iron to go to work, but since i woke up around 4, its redy time baby..

Fast foward to the thay.. We, i means me, Joe, Nabil & Bayo and Mantul move in a group around 7.20 a.m. to go to each company for our 1st day.. The journey takes about 30 minutes from USM with lot of speed as i'm riding motorcycle to work. And around almost 8 la if not mistaken also, i reach there and met with Ainur, Jiah and Suet Yen who practicalling at the same place as i do..

Where do i do my L.I. ?? Precico Sdn. Bhd. A manufacturing company that use injection moulding machine. Ok la.. Move on after that, we met the person from HR, MS. Candice and bla..bla..bla.. After briefing on EHS (Environmental and Health Safety), its orientation on the company and later the tour around the company as usual just like any tour for new students or employee..

The tour end around 12.15 which is the lunch time. Wow.. The people there really follow the rule as we can't just easily go in and out as we like but need to proceed to the designated area even when go in the canteen and out of it.. Nevermind of that, but the food kind of cheaper, and delicious too. After lunch hour, we were sent to our department, that is the Manufacturing Engineering Department. As i was the only soul survivor of the 'Lelaki Melayu Terakhir' practicalling at the department, i was given a job harder than the girls. That is to handle with the injection moulding machine.

Fortunately that we learn the theory of the injection moulding, and i got to know a little bit on it. But from this 3 weeks onwards, i was given a job on to handle the machine just like what a technician job at the company. But the boring part is, when i don't have any job, my eyes starting to become sleepy, but when its time to change the mould, 'bertenaga lah pulak'. Overall, this is my first experience and its nice even sumtimes i feel sleepy, but the workers there are friendly and they do not hesitate to lend a hand on any information i need to know..

Anyway, my work time is from 8.00 a.m. till 6.00 p.m. A tiring day for 5 day a week but an experience to learn before going to the line of work.. C ya again next time.. Adios Amigos.. Next entry is in Malay.. Yeah.. Tuka bahasa lak.. haha...


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